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“Drum Therapy” provides a good, basic foundation and approach for teachers and therapists, as they deal with potential situations while working with physically and mentally disabled students,”
-Bart Elliott, Drummer Café

“We find Drum Therapy to be very helpful. It is a unique and effective method used to tap into our children’s attention, focusing, and organizational difficulties, and through a medium that they enjoy.”
Dr. Phyllis Lakin, School Psychologist.

“Pat’s book serves to inform both drum instructors and others in the health related fields of the tremendous benefits that drumming holds. I recommend this guide to anyone interested in learning what is possible when you bring drumming to those with special needs.”
Tiger Bill 

“This excellent, well presented 68 page drum tutor book is a resource for drum teachers to help with students with autism, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, ODD, OCD, Down’s Syndrome amongst many others.”
Mike Dolebear

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