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Celebrated drum virtuoso Pat Gesualdo is also the Founder/CEO of the Metal Hall of Fame. As part of D.A.D., the Metal Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization that enshrines forever, those Iconic musicians, artists, music industry executives who are responsible for making Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music what it is today. Their contribution to the genre is invaluable, and they keep inspiring fans throughout the world, from generation to generation.

Through the Metal Hall of Fame Pat has created many historical hard rock and heavy metal moments. For example, the idea to join with Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne to have original Ozzy drummer Lee Kerslake accept his Platinum Record Awards for “Blizzard of Ozz” and “Diary of A Madman,” after 38 years. Having Metallica Induct Mega force Records founders Jon and Marsha Zazula. Inducting Judas Priest at Wacken Open Air in front of over 80,000 fans. Inducting members of Kiss, Iron Maiden, and Triumph among others for the Metal Hall of Fame Anniversary Bash. Having Don Airey’s surprise Induction for Black Sabbath co-founding member Bill Ward, (especially after not seeing each other since recording Black Sabbath’s 1978 “Never Say Day” album). Inducting Anthrax at Heavy Montreal in front of 40,000 fans. Having Kathy and Kelle Rhoads Induct their brother Randy Rhoads. Having Slayer’s Kerri King surprise Induction for Brian Slagel and Metal Blade Record’s 35TH Anniversary, having Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Geoff Tate, Chris Poland, and Bjorn Englen perform in the most historic metal performance of all time. Having Brian May of Queen Induct Joe Satriani, having Paul Stanley induct Doc McGhee, and having Dee Snider, Live Nation Executives, and WWE Champions Induct Iconic bands and musicians. These are just some of the Legendary memories that Pat and the Metal Hall of Fame have shared with Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans throughout the world.

The Annual Metal Hall of Fame Celebrity Awards Gala also holds special on-stage Inductions for Legendary Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands and musicians with it’s major music festival partners throughout the world. The mobile museum and tour bus is a fan favorite everywhere, amongst other outreach initiatives and branding.

The Metal Hall of Fame and D.A.D. Board of Directors is comprised of Celebrities, Rock Stars, Accountants, Iconic Music Industry Executives, Law Enforcement Agents, Doctors, and Legendary Corporate CEO’s. All of them volunteer and dedicate their time to oversee the management of the Metal Hall of Fame and the D.A.D. Program. The selection process for induction into the Hall of Heavy Metal History is regulated by a Nominating Committee. Nominations for inductees are submitted via an online form year round, from both music fans throughout the world and music industry executives. When nomination forms are collected. The nominating committee meets to review and count each vote for each artist and band in their respective categories.

The artists and bands with the most votes in their category is then officially inducted by the nominating committee into the Metal Hall of Fame. The Metal Hall of Fame has Chapters on a global basis, where members take part in regular events.

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