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D.A.D. (Drums and Disabilities) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. D.A.D. offers it’s fun, effective, and, proven Drum Therapy® programs on a Global basis, to help the special needs population with Autism, Tourette Syndrome, ADD, Cerebral Palsy, Opposition Defiance Disorder (ODD), Muscular Sclerosis, Dyslexia, and other disabilities, to develop behavior modification and physical and cognitive function.

Psychologists, doctors, neuroscientists, occupational therapists, drum teachers, occupational therapists, behavioral therapists, and special education teachers use and endorse D.A.D. in schools, hospitals, mental health facilities, and community centers in over 15 countries.

In 2004, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Administration, and the New Jersey Department of Education Commissioner helped celebrated drummer Pat Gesualdo launch D.A.D. which features his pioneering techniques of Drum Therapy® in various New Jersey and New York City schools.

Pat’s Drum Therapy® research has been published in peer reviewed research journals, Percussive Notes, and his numerous columns in magazines and journals. These research studies at special needs schools and mental health facilities throughout the world, show how Drum Therapy® helps the special needs population develop physical and cognitive functioning, behavior modification, and sensory integration. D.A.D. has helped special needs children and adults develop vocal communication, self expression, to stop cutting / self-mutilation, increase school grades and attendance, and to help those with low functioning cognition to count and develop retention and coordination.

Numerous celebrities, sports stars, law enforcement agencies, school systems, medical facilities, major corporations, and child protective service agencies have joined with Pat Gesualdo and help the special needs population fight disabilities on a Global basis. Some include Pepsi Cola, Drummers Collective, New Jersey Education Association, Morgan Stanley, United States Department of Defense, Learning Disabilities Association of America, Xerox, Alfred Music Publishing, Chevrolet, NAMM, NYU Medical Center, Department of Developmental Disabilities, United Cerebral Palsy, International Dyslexia Association, JCC’s, Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, St. John’s University, Star Ledger Newspaper, Sam Ash Music Stores, Pro mark Drumsticks, Modern Drummer Magazine, Coca-Cola, and Guitar Center Music Stores, among others.

 D.A.D. Certified Drum Therapists are highly trained in the “Healing Art of Drum Therapy®.” D.A.D. curriculums are specifically designed for group settings in schools, health facilities, community centers, and veteran hospitals, and for   In-Home therapeutic intervention programs. D.A.D. curriculums help special needs children and adults to develop physical and cognitive functioning, retention, fine motor skills, behavior modification, sensory integration, coordination, and self-esteem. D.A.D. also helps wounded veterans to manage PTSD symptoms, and to enhance neural pathways to help assimilate to prosthetic devices.

D.A.D. / Drum Therapy® Lectures and Training Workshops have been featured at major education, music, medical conferences and universities throughout the world including; St. Joseph’s University, NYU Medical Center, Learning Disabilities Association of America, National Conference, Drummers Collective, NAMM, European Disabilities Festival Italy, St. Johns University, Muntham House England, International Dyslexia Society,  YMCA, Jewish Community Center, Guitar Center Music Stores, NYC Mayor’s Health Conference, United Cerebral Palsy, National Night Out with Prosecutor’s Office, and Middlesex College, among others.

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