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Clifton, N.J. (July 27, 2010) – Modern Drummer, the world’s most popular drum magazine,has joined forces with celebrated drum virtuoso Pat Gesualdo. Gesualdo has performed / recorded with legendary musicians, and worked on major music industry projects. He also beat a severe battle with a disability as a child, and went on to pioneer the groundbreaking techniques of “The Healing Art of Drum Therapy.” The venture calls for Gesualdo to write a Monthly Drum Therapy column at ModernDrummer.Com.

“We at Modern Drummer magazine are thrilled to be working with Pat Gesualdo on this new series,” says Modern Drummer magazine editorial director Adam Budofsky. “The D.A.D. Program is unique, but more importantly, it’s effective, and we believe there’s a significant number of drummers and drum instructors who will find great inspiration and useful information in these articles.”

“It is a great honor to join forces with Modern Drummer,” says Pat Gesualdo. “The column will help even more Doctors, Parents, Teachers, and Drum Instructors to implement the techniques of Drum Therapy.As a result, even more special needs children and adults will be able fight the effects of disabilities, via the art form of drumming.”


Drums and Disabilities (D.A.D.),is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit research program. Psychologists, neuroscientists, law enforcement agencies, special needs therapists, child protective service agencies, and teachers in over 15 countries use the D.A.D. Program to help special needs children develop physical and cognitive functioning.

Numerous celebrities, sports stars, major corporations, and parents join with D.A.D. to help children fight disabilities on a Global basis.

D.A.D. is also the parent company of the Metal Hall of Fame, which holds the Annual Metal Hall of Fame Celebrity Charity Gala. It is dedicated to forever enshrining the Iconic musicians and music industry executives responsible for making hard rock and heavy metal music what it is today. Their contribution to the genre is invaluable, and they continue to inspire fans throughout the world, from generation to generation. The Metal Hall of Fame helps to raise funds for D.A.D., which provides free therapy programs for special needs children, adults, and wounded veterans throughout the United States.

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