D.A.D. Opens New Offices in Montville

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MONTVILLE, N.J. (November 12, 2015) – The celebrated non-profit organization D.A.D. (Drums and Disabilities), has just launched their new Headquarters and therapy facility in Montville, N.J. The new facility features a state-of-the art drum therapy studio for D.A.D.’s legendary pioneering Drum Therapy program, which helps children to develop social interaction, vocal communication, fine motor skill, sensory integration, retention, coordination, behavior modification, and self-esteem. Doctors, special needs therapists, neuroscientists, and educators on a Global basis go to the D.A.D. building to get certified as drum therapists. David Ciaro, (Ed’S, MA, LAC) and other experts are also featured at the new facility, as part of the D.A.D. Team.
Doctors, psychologists, teachers, and special needs therapists use the D.A.D. Program in schools, hospitals, mental health facilities, and community centers in over 15 countries, to help the special needs children develop physical and cognitive functioning.
In addition, the facility houses New Beat Drum Studio, which provides master classes in drumming, guitar, bass and piano, for children and adults on all ability levels.
“Our new facility is specifically designed to integrate all of our programs and services,” says D.A.D. President/CEO Pat Gesualdo. “We are now able to offer our individual and group drum therapy programs, and our drum therapy certification courses in the new location. We also have designated offices for our consultation and advocacy support services for parents with special needs children.”


Drums and Disabilities (D.A.D.), is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit research program. Psychologists, neuroscientists, law enforcement agencies, special needs therapists, child protective service agencies, and teachers in over 15 countries use the D.A.D. Program to help special needs children develop physical and cognitive functioning. D.A.D. programs have been implemented in the Craig School, NYU Medical Center, Cerebral Palsy Centers, and other locations serving the special needs population on a Global basis.
Numerous celebrities, sports stars, major corporations, and parents join with D.A.D. to help children fight disabilities on a Global basis.

For more information, please contact D.A.D., World Headquarters at 973-725-5150, or info@dadprogram.org.

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